Brass Quintet (1979)
for Two Trumpets, French Horn, Trombone, and Tuba
2.  Second Movement





BRASS QUINTET was written for the Southwest Brass Quintet in 1979.  The ensemble was made up, at the time, of members of the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra brass section.  The work is the second work in which I used transcribed improvisations as the basis for the composition.  The first work to use improvisation was the Bass Concerto (1977).  This work does not show such a Keith Jarrett influence, and is more advanced harmonically and contrapuntally.

In those days in my improvisation, I was trying to develop a freely moving tonal or pan-tonal approach.  The style used in the Brass Quintet and Couplet For A Desert Summer (an orchestral work, also taken from improvisation) turned out to be transitional.  When I look back, however, I find this style at least as interesting as the style I ended up with, which is represented in the piano works Two Impromptus and Improvisatory Concert.   In 1984, I abandoned improvisation for a few years before taking it up in earnest in 1992.








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