Sonata (1991)
for Cello and Piano
2.  Andante mesto




The SONATA for Cello and Piano was written in the spring and summer of 1991.  It was the last work I would write before I went back to school to pursue a graduate degree, where my music took a completely different turn.  I wrote it to complete a cycle of sonatas for string instruments in the 1980's.  It was not written for any particular performance, and, as such, did not receive its first performance until Ian Ginsberg and Sherry Lenich (Duo West) gave it a superb reading in Scottsdale, AZ in 2004.

My compositional procedure during this period was to articulate clearly the large scale structure while eliding and blurring most of the smaller structure.  The music sounds, and was written, so that it is experienced in waves.  My whole life I have been influenced by both improvisation and the sea, and this method was an effort to approximate the aesthetic effect of both, yet with clearly defined boundaries.

I wrote this work at a transitional period in my life, which seems to have worked its way into the emotional plan of the piece.  The first movement is rather wistful and backward looking.  The second movement is more overtly emotional, ending with a throbbing cello cadenza.  This movement probably more accurately reflected my troubled feelings at the time.  The last movement, however, races off to a very optimistic conclusion.  The last movement is distinguished by moto perpetuo cadenzas for each instrument after which it ends with a flourish.


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