Intermezzo (1981)
for Double Bass and Piano (or Harp)





INTERMEZZO was composed during the early part of 1981.  It was written for double bass and harp, as part of a concert of original chamber music works for flute, horn, harp, double bass, and percussion in various combinations.  It was later rewritten for double bass and piano, however, it still retains many harp-like elements in the piano accompaniment.

The work uses a foundation consisting of many layers of cycling ideas.  These are buried and manipulated within the overall texture.  The intent was to create a flowing and ever changing continuity.  The inspiration for the work is drawn from running water, most notably the infrequent yet vitally nourishing water which flows through a desert wash or arroyo.  The water appears in the dry stream bed, flows, and then is gone, leaving the desert as it was in a refreshed silence.







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