Three Duets (1987)
for Two Double Basses
1.  Rocking, rolling





In 1988, I was to present a concert of original works with double bassist/composer Patrick Neher in Tucson for the Arizona Composers Forum.  When we set up the concerts, we thought it would be fun for both of us to write some bass duets for each other to play at the concert.  Though he never got around to writing his, I did come up with this collection of three concert duets, the first of which we did perform at the event.

Though intended for concert performance, they are written more on the Renaissance model, rather than the Romantic model (de Lassus rather than Bottesini).  They are meant to be intimate and good natured, even light-hearted.  The first and third movement are more integrated in the renaissance style with frequent part crossings and counterpoint, while the second movement contrasts arco and pizzicato.








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