Violin Sonata No. 3 (1999)
for Violin and Piano

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My VIOLIN SONATA NO. 3 was one of those pieces that did not come easily.  The first five minutes or so came easy enough, but then I became very busy for many weeks straight.  When I returned to it, there was something about it that was not the same.  I did not return to it until about four years and two other pieces later, when I was able to develop a better large scale plan for the work.  

The work plays as one continuous piece, however, it is made up of five or six large sections.  The first and last sections are, for the most part, wistful and nostalgic, and they form a balancing framework for the inner sections.  The second section is quite active and dramatic, forming a contrast to the first section.  At the center of the work is a eerie slow section that boils over into a declamatory recitative.  This is followed by a very light hearted pizzicato scherzo, which also takes a turn in the middle and becomes rather frantic and emotional.  But this then serves as a balance to the second section, as the nostalgic music returns to close the work.

I had an opportunity in mind for the performance of this work when I started it, but by the time I got around to finishing it, that opportunity had long since evaporated.  At this point, it remains unperformed.








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