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Night Drift - "Night Drift is Glenn Stallcop’s new album of solo piano improvisation. There's a lot of skill, talent and raw beauty wrapped up in this album was a pure joy to listen to from the very start. Not only does Stallcop shift and change the music constantly - ensuring that it demands your attention on every note - but the way the album is constructed means that there's also a wide variety within the improvisation styles on display.

"The album contains 9 tracks (51 min, 02 sec). 'Place of the Butterflies', for me, was one of this LP's highlights. It's rich, multi-layered and incredibly beautiful." Darren Rea, "Review Graveyard"

Ash Fork Verses - Set #3 -  

"...the arid, pungent qualities of advanced tonal harmony augment the dust devil textures." Gregory Hall, "The Mysteria"

"A set of thirteen solo piano improvisations that lie somewhere in the kind of jazz/classical area that I associate with musicians like Ran Blake. Reflective, even gently melancholy, rhythms implied rather than overtly stated....Extremely well-played...." Brian Olewnick, "Just outside"

Myths and Fairy Tales - "Sometimes dreamy, sometimes darker and full of longing, the harmonies are complex ... Stallcop’s expressive playing communicates well." Kathy Parson, "Mainly Piano"


"DREAMCATCHER" by composer/pianist Glenn Stallcop

Critical praises of Stallcop's Dreamcatcher include:

Each (title) is impressive for the ease with which Stallcop moves from idea to idea, and for the way in which he places considerable keyboard technique at the disposal of interlocking motifs.  Stallcop gained his skill from years of playing jazz, but the music sounds more like post-Romantic harmonies attempting to take the form of some massive nocturne or ballade  It's a very engaging CD.
-The Arizona Republic


Stallcop has a formidable command of the piano, and there is no doubt that this Arizona composer has a command of twentieth century compositional was refreshing to hear something so individualistic...

                                                                       -Wind and Wire Magazine


"Dreamcatcher is passionate improvisation of real clarity, fluidity, and dexterity."

-Chinary Ung, composer and Grawemeyer Award Winner


Thick & rich as a keg o' "Samuel Adams dark lager," his compositions will astound & please your aural appendages, in a very relaxing fashion...maybe even stir YOUR dreams.  Be sure to keep THIS by th' chidren's beds...with as much trouble as th' world has hounding it these days, it will make THEIR dreams much more creative & pleasant!  This is MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, and you should GET it!

                                    -IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION


"It is a thrill to listen to these ear- catching musical dreams."

-Hermann Michael, Music Director of the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra


"What fantasy!  What psychedelic flutterings of the mind.  It is pure improvisation.... I find the improvisations appealing and thought-provoking.   

-Vilem Sokol, conductor, violist, Univ. of Wash. Professor Emeritus