Glenn Stallcop       Composer, Performer



Concertino for Solo Harp (2001)

The Concertino for Solo Harp is available from American Composers Alliance and may be ordered here.

Program Notes with Score Video

Concertino for Harp and String Orchestra was written in the fall of 1983 at the request of harpist Heidi Lehwalder. A series of unfortunate cascading events followed which left the work in limbo and unperformed for a number of years. The work finally received its first performances with harpist Andrea Steckermeier-Thiele and the Mesa (AZ) Symphony, Joel Brown, cond., and also with the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra, Robert Moody, cond.

In November of 1983, my first child, Kari, was born and I found myself absorbed in a world of new responsibilities. The immediacy of that event dominated my consciousness. For the second movement, I wrote a lullaby for my newborn daughter. Emotions of an expectant father are revealed in the work; pure wonder, nervous excitement, loving tenderness, bubbling joy, and of course, the dull thud of overwhelming responsibility.

The work has a three-movement-in-one organizational plan. Each “movement” is introduced by a variation of the opening material. The work concludes with a small recapitulation of the first movement. The ending drifts into dreamy wonder before the final gesture returns the work to reality.

After the first performances, Andrea asked if I could prepare a version for solo harp, which I completed in the summer of 2001. The version includes most of the music of the original, although I have left out some tutti material uncharacteristic of the instrument. I wrote some new transitional material to bridge those gaps, and a new final coda.

A special ending has been provided for the Lullaby, if the harpist wishes to perform it separately. The ending tries to portray the baby falling asleep.

Score Video