Glenn Stallcop       Composer, Performer


love couplet (2020)

For solo piano

Love Couplet may be ordered here from American Composers Alliance.

Program Notes with Score Videos

Love Couplet is an adaptation of two tracks from my albums of piano improvisations. The first movement, “Enlightened Moment” is from the album Retreat, and the second movement, “Weightless in Starlight”, is from the album Downhill. Both have been adapted and subtly revised for this presentation.

Enlightened Moment starts off in a somber, if not a little sullen mood. Moments of wistfulness dissolve back into episodes of bad temper, and then something touching and enlightened appears as if out of nowhere. A moment of endearment and connection takes over and enchants for a while and then slowly fades. But memories of the experience endure.

Score Videos



Weightless in Starlight is about the lightness amidst ecstasy, the thrill of being in love . . . as if floating several inches off the ground. It is just far enough that you can almost touch the ground with your toes extended. Nothing can dampen the feeling, yet nothing can make it happen, it just does.