Glenn Stallcop       Composer, Performer


Two Tunes (2018)

For violin and piano

2 Mvts., 8 Minutes

Two Tunes is available from American Composers Alliance ( and may be ordered here .

Program Notes With Score Video

After over a decade of working creatively almost solely in improvisation, I decided I wanted to do some composing again. I had recently retired and was exploring the novelty of having a large amount of free time to do anything I wished. These two nocturnes are my first efforts. Though I play piano, I do not play violin, but I enjoy writing for the instrument. I was also, at the time, entertaining the idea of writing a concerto for the instrument which I took up a few months later.

The two tunes share a similar approach with the piano figures underpinning an expansive melodic line. The first tune I titled Eagle’s Nest because it had a very solitary, almost lonely character. Also, the violin line takes off and soars, and I felt this to be a significant aspect of the piece. The second tune, Pirouette, relates to the waltzing dance character of the piece. This tune is perhaps a little more expansive than the first. I think of the dancer as a child who exerts great effort in her dance moves and then begins to tire as the dance comes to a close.

Score Video